24 Hour Plays 2012

24 Hour Plays 2012 Details

What is it?

24 Hour Plays 2012Lancaster’s 24 Hour Plays is a special night of experimental theater where six writers, six directors, twenty actors, and a production team come together to write, rehearse, and produce six plays over the course of 24 hours!

This year the plays were performed for the public at the end of the 24 hour creation process on Saturday, November 3 at 7pm at Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster, 328 W. Orange St., Lancaster, PA.

Since their inception in New York City in 1995, 24 Hour Plays (www.24hourplays.com) have been performed for audiences throughout the United States and the world – attracting both professional and amateur theater artists.  Talent involved in past 24 Hour Plays includes Jennifer Aniston, Rosie Perez, Kevin Spacey, Vince Vaughn and Elijah Wood.

This is the second time that Wood Stove House has produced a 24 Hour Plays event in Lancaster. The first was a sold out performance at The Candy Factory in November 2011. You can find a recap of that production here.

Listen to our podcast recap of Lancaster’s 24 Hour Plays 2012!

2012 Credits

Photography by Kenneth King, Life Reflections.


Writer—Sands Hall
Director—Brittany Leffler
Actors—Cynthia Charles, Amanda Green, Darren Wagner

Choices by Sands Hall

Choices Crew

The Fighter

Writer—Renee Miller
Director—Rick Shoup
Actors—Michelle Ciarrocca, Joel Lesher, Nelly Torres, Chris Whalen

The Fighter by Renee Miller

The Fighter Crew

Song of Songs

Writer— Amanda Kemp
Director—Kevin Ditzler
Actors—Ali Flynn, Duane Hespell, Bryant Woodford

Song of Songs by Amanda Kemp

Song of Songs Crew

Venus in Curlers: A Micromusical

Writer—John Rohrkemper
Director—Pat Lemay
Actors—Lisa Budwig, Allison Hutt, Andrew Takoch, Andrew Zahn

Venus in Curlers by John Rohrkemper

Venus in Curlers Crew

Mechanical Bride of The Uncanny

Writer—Brian Silberman
Director—Christopher Michael
Actors—Chris Fogel, Sharona Mellinger

Mechanical Bride of the Uncanny by Brian Silberman

Mechanical Bride of the Uncanny Crew


Writer—John Conforti
Director—Lydia Brubaker
Actors—Rich Barbour, Amanda Kane, Beth McIntosh, Brandon Michael Sheetz

Untitled by John Conforti

Untitled Crew


Stage Manager—Vanessa LeFever
Producers—Steve Carlson and Jason Mundok
Stage—Shumaker PDT
Lights—Daryl Snider
Music—Tim Baum
Photography—Kenneth King, Life Reflections
Administration—Jennifer Dunn and Susanne Mundok

Tim Baum warming up

Producer Steve Carlson and Stage Manager Vanessa Lefever

Event Sponsors:

Lemon Street Market

Sa La Thai

Shumaker PTD

Antonio's Pizza House

Chestnut Hill Cafe

Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen

Two Dudes Painting

Matthew Freedman, DMD