Jason MundokWood Stove House is an audio production and concert promotion company owned and operated by Jason Mundok and located in Lancaster, PA. Wood Stove House has been many things over the years and this website acts as an archive and as an ongoing platform for creativity and the arts.

Between 2009 and 2014 WSH published a weekly interview podcast called Around the Wood Stove and several blog articles per month, highlighting events and arts-related projects in Lancaster, PA and the Central PA area. We also produced and sponsored dozens of creative events in the area, such as concerts and experimental theater.

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The Wood Stove House Story

In the spring of 2009 my wife, Susanne, and I began hosting house concerts at our small Cape Cod that sits on the western edge of Lancaster, PA. We were filled with creative inspiration from having recently completed The Artist’s Way, a 12-step creative recovery program, and wanted to offer a listening room environment for intimate live music experiences.

Our first concert featured Lancaster songwriters Jessica Smucker and Jeff Bryson (Vinegar Creek Constituency) performing a rare duo show.  We converted an add-on family room into a temporary concert hall for the evening and filled it with a couple dozen music lovers. The musicians set up near the back wall next to an old Baker wood stove that had cozily heated the house during the cold winter months. The evening was magic and the Wood Stove House concert series was born.

Less than a year later we hosted our third concert and first touring musician, Jason Wilber (John Prine, Iris Dement). A friend and fellow podcast fan suggested that I record an interview with Wilber in my small home recording studio “just in case” I wanted to launch a podcast to promote the concerts. I took a stab at putting together a show and fell madly in love with the format. Around the Wood Stove (our weekly podcast series) was launched a few weeks later in March 2010.

In the two years that followed we continued to produce house concerts, podcasts, and even recordings for local bands under the Wood Stove House name. By late 2011 we were working with our friend, Steve Carlson, and added a blog, public concerts, theater events, and even a Creativity Conference to our roster of projects. We organized into a small for-profit company and Wood Stove House became a laboratory for us to explore a variety of arts-based projects.

After several years of publishing and producing a wide variety of performing arts events, it was time to slow down and focus my energy. I decided in 2014 to retire our weekly podcast, Around the Wood Stove, after 140 episodes. Our dear friend, Steve Carlson, moved the annual experimental theatre projects to Creative Works of Lancaster, a wonderful organization with whom we have partnered in the past.

These changes have allowed me to focus on my true love, producing intimate concert experiences with the Lancasphere Sound Collective and creating music and art under the name Here Inside. Lancasphere provides a live performance platform for artists who are stretching musical boundaries, creating atmospheric, ambient, and experimental music. Here Inside is a platform for me and my collaborators to create and perform music and collaborate on cross-discipline art projects. This website continues as a Wood Stove House archive and as a platform for random creative expression.

I hope you enjoy what we’ve done, what we’re doing, and all that we have left to do. Don’t hesitate to contact me with comments, questions or suggestions.

Jason Mundok