Around the Wood Stove #1

Around the WoodstoveThis is the first episode of ATWS in two parts:

An interview with Ryan Kauffman, Lancaster area jazz saxophonist. Ryan and I discuss his CD, Three Little Words, that was recorded in December 2009 and will be available for purchase in March 2010.

An interview with singer-songwriter and guitarist, Jason Wilber, who made a tour stop in Lancaster to perform at a Wood Stove House concert in January 2010. Jason is the long-time guitarist for John Prine, but tours as a solo singer-songwriter and hosts a weekly radio show in his hometown of Bloomington, IN when he’s not on the road with John.

Around the Wood Stove is a production of the Wood Stove House and is hosted by Jason Mundok. The purpose is to encourage the arts in and around Lancaster, PA.