ATWS #20: Hiram Ring

Hiram RingHiram Ring is a singer-songwriter and one of the Lancaster music scene’s favorite adopted sons. Raised in Ghana, Africa, Hiram’s family moved to Lancaster during his late teens. He called Lancaster home for several years after attending college in upstate New York, but now he spends most of his time in Singapore where he’s enrolled in a PhD program studying  Language Documentation. In 2009 Hiram released his first full-length album, Breathe Deep, which took him on a several-month national tour. Hiram’s music is deeply informed and inspired by his Christian faith, but its pop and folk crossover appeal has garnered strong support from both the Christian and secular music scenes in Central Pennsylvania. While visiting Lancaster over the holidays in December 2010, Hiram stopped by the Wood Stove House to talk about his life and studies in Singapore and to share some new tracks that he’s been working on in his free time.

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