Jason Mundok

Public Art | First Friday | Lancaster


The World’s Smallest Public Art Station is hosting an outdoor gallery show on First Friday, July 1 at 139 N. Mary Street in Lancaster. What the heck is The World’s Smallest Public Art Station? Created in the fall of 2013 by Lancaster resident Steve Carlson, The World’s Smallest Public Art Station allows individuals to create…

The Trifecta: Synchronicity Side 2

The Police Synchronicity

IMHO, the first three songs on Side 2 of Synchronicity by The Police may very well be the best three pop/rock songs presented in sequence on one piece of grooved vinyl in the history of popular music. Perhaps it’s my age, the nostalgia around the fall of 1983 when I received Synchronicity as a gift for my…

Transportable Power of Music

Vangelis - The City

Music has a power that continues to amaze me, day after day. This power is certainly not unique to music, but for me music is the context in which it has the most impact. It’s the power to immediately transport you to another time or place. This morning I sat down at my desk, slipped in the earbuds,…