Podcast #111: American Music Theatre

AMT's Broadway: Now & Forever

The American Music Theatre is a 1,600 seat Lancaster theatre that boasts 300+ live performance each year mixing original musical productions like their current show Broadway: Now & Forever with some of the top touring celebrity acts in the country such as upcoming headliners Willie Nelson, Jackson Browne, and Loretta Lynn, and Michael McDonald. These performances achieve AMT’s ongoing mission to create an extraordinary, immersive, live entertainment experience.

Andrea McCormick is the theatre’s artistic director and creator of  Broadway: Now & Forever, which runs through mid-October. Ric Zimmerman is a performer who has worked with the theatre for over a decade, and is a vocalist in the current show. Andrea and Ric graciously took time out of their busy schedules to chat about the show, the history of the American Music Theatre, and their own personal experiences working in the performing arts.

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Mickel Time with Mike McMonagle

Along with being an accomplished local musician, Mike McMonagle is also responsible for booking live music events at Tellus360, a Lancaster business that brings environmentally sustainable solutions to all aspects of living.

Other Upcoming Events

* Additional music in today’s episode from Jon Chinn.