Podcast: Five and Dime #1

Five and Dime #1The Wood Stove House Five and Dime is a conversation podcast where I’m joined by 3 guests to discuss five random topics for exactly ten minutes each. The topics are chosen by our producer, Mike Newman. If you would like to contribute ideas to our list of topics, please feel free to send me an email at jason@woodstovehouse.com, or you connect through our website, Twitter or Facebook.

Today’s Guests

  1. Shawna Stoltzfoos
  2. Joe Devoy
  3. Anne Kirby

Today’s Topics

  1. The Beatles
  2. Fox News
  3. Kickstarter
  4. Sleep
  5. Death

The Wood Stove House Five and Dime is a collaboration between the Wood Stove House, The Sugartank Studio, and Tellus360. All opinions expressed by our guests on the show belong exclusively to the expressor and are not necessarily shared by anyone else…on the planet.

Five and Dime is produced by Mike Newman from The Sugartank Studio. Visit our friends at Tellus360.com.

  • http://www.notbaddesign.net CreativeHouse

    I had a great time! Thanks for having me on the show and I can’t wait to hear future episodes. You guys do such a wonderful job and we’re so lucky to have you as active members of our Lancaster community!

    • http://www.woodstovehouse.com/ Jason Mundok

      Loved having you be part of the first Five and Dime episode. Look forward to many more :)

  • Luke Warmwater

    Just listened to the first half of the podcast. Wow. I can’t believe how inane and unenlightening the conversation was. Why choose a subject like the Beatles and reduce the discussion to “I guess they were great but I don’t get it”? Let people who know something about the material discuss it with some intelligence. I am personally celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of my first Beatle experience so I had been looking forward to this discussion. (If you want to hear some great Beatle material check out the recent Sound Opinions podcast about the early years of the Beatles in Liverpool and Hamburg.)
    Equally disturbing was the flippant ageist attitudes concerning older artists. I have to believe Mr Mundock and his guest did not take the time to listen to the latest Bowie record if his review is “easy listening” and the one female to opine that maybe Bowie shouldn’t even bother making music any more because it makes her feel icky that olds still wanna rock.
    It just got harder and harder to listen to…
    The new format needs work.

    • http://www.woodstovehouse.com/ Jason Mundok

      Thanks for checking out the show “Luke”. Sorry it wasn’t your cup of tea.

  • mpthunder

    It’s my understanding the topics are basically “drown from a hat” – so – there’s no prep time for in-depth discussion. This is live improv. Mr. Mundok’s guests are shooting from the hip. (BTW: Anthony Keidis & Flea were both shirtless during their Super Bowl performance)

    • http://www.woodstovehouse.com/ Jason Mundok

      Yeah, that’s right. The topics are chosen at random, so there’s no plan ahead of time. We may never talk about bands or music if those topics aren’t chosen. They’re being pulled from a list of dozens of possible topics so I guarantee you that none of the guests will be experts about many of them. The format is like a group of friends getting together for a drink and chatting.

      I didn’t watch the big game and not terribly upset to miss Fleadis without shirts. Thanks for the heads-up…I’ll steer clear of any YouTube clips marked “Superbowl Halftime” :)

      • Luke Warmwater

        Would it not make more sense to have each of your guests bring a topic or idea for discussion to the table, hopefully an area of expertise, passion and interest? THAT would be like a group of friends gathering for a drink and chatting, not a random list of items for discussion with arbitrary time limits.

        • http://www.woodstovehouse.com/ Jason Mundok

          Fair enough, you’re right. It’s like four friends getting together for a drink…and then someone handing them 5 topics to chat about for 10 minutes each :)

          We have people talking about things they’re very passionate and knowledgeable about each week on our Around the Wood Stove podcast. Five and Dime was intended to be a little more spontaneous and fun…off the cuff. Understandably this show won’t be for everyone and I can appreciate that.