Ten Commandments for Creatives

"10 Commandments for Creatives" by Andrew ZahnTen Commandments for Creatives is the brand new eBook from our good friend, Andrew Zahn, over at Creatives. Based on a very popular blog post by the same name from earlier this year, Zahn offers a concise, but very relevant resource to help creatives remove roadblocks and inspire new energy around their passions.

The list is a mix of what to do (give space, time and energy to your creativity), what not do (don’t give up), and the way things are (creating is an act of worship). Each commandment is rounded out with anecdotes and examples either from Zahn’s own experience or from other resources that he has found inspiring. He also offers suggestions on how to integrate the commandments into one’s own creative life.

Ten Commandments for Creatives reminds us that living a passionate and creative life doesn’t have to be complicated. A few simple, but important observations and suggestions may be all you need to get the juices flowing. I recommend a copy of this eBook as a quick reference to a well rounded list of those observations and suggestions, and I recommend the Creatives blog for an ongoing source of rich discussion around them.

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Andrew Zahn is on our featured speakers at Creativity CON 2012. Find out more here.